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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Al-Fatiha: A Divine Expression

Al-Fatiha is an example of divine expression. The divine is always unfolding before us and engaging us in a multitude of ways. Recently,I spoke with a young (early 20’s) American couple who were interested in my religious beliefs. After answering their questions, I asked about their religious affiliation and they responded they had none. When they said they had no spiritual calling, I asked if they had been in awe of a sunrise, sunset, a star filled sky, a loving relationship with another person or with an animal (dog, cat, etc.). Yes, of course, they responded. "In fact," said the young man "I feel a strong connection to nature". I explained these moments of awe may be perceived as spiritual experiences. When we pay attention to the divine calling, we transcend our humanity, simultaneously inspired, grateful and humbled by the connection. The Prophet (pbuh) in his seeking was graced with the divine experience which he shared with humanity as had many before him. The al Fatiha, beautiful to read and hear recited, reveals depths of meaning when through our personal spiritual search we connect with the infinite love and peace which is an integral part of our being.

~ Maheroon Pradhan, Stafford, Virginia

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Abdul Hussein said...

I believe I perceived a spiritual experience by reading your post - thanks for posting such thoughtful insight to others.