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Sunday, June 17, 2007

From Hunza with Love

" We offer prayers several times a day. I think it is call to Almighty
Allah or to His Vicegerents on this planet for two purposes;

1. It is a remembrance in love; we call someone when we are
intimately attached to one another. It is for reunion; the presence of
the lover and beloved is like a flower and its fragrance.
2. The second purpose is to ask the superior for some help; it may
be material, physical, psychological, or spiritual by nature. The reason
for such prayers are to satisfy our inner ego (self) with presence of
another powerful being; who gives us hopes, illuminates our path in
reducing the troubles and to understand the mechanics of nature in the
right perspective.

These are my humble submissions on this issue. May God guide us on the
right path. Ameen.

~ Ahmed Jami Sakhi, Hunza, Pakistan
Gilgit, NAs. Pakistan

Age: 49 years (1-4-1958)

At what age did you first hear al-Fatiha recited?
I heard al-Fatiha recited during the first week of my birth, when my parents held the naming ceremony.

At what age did you learn to recite al-Fatiha?
As a concious person, I learnt al Fatiha when the current Ismaili Du'a was introduced.

At what age did you learn the meaning of al-Fatiha?
I don't remember exactly, but I think at the age of 10 years.

How has the meaning changed as you have aged?

The meaning of the concept of Tauheed (Oneness of God, Nabuwwah (Prophethood) and Imamah (The Leader of Islamic Community, especially the spritual leader of the Ismaili community); & Qiyamah (the day of resurrection) are the concepts; which always keep changing with the passage of time. By the time we grow mentally and spritually our understanding deepens and the perspectives keep changing.
All concepts should be looked at as a process instead of hard and fast abstract ideas.

May Almighty Allah & His Vicegerents illuminate our souls and guide us on the right path. Ameen

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