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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Miraculous powers of the Basmalla

"All power is from Allah Almighty, and we must always ask for His support, because we are in need, we are weak ones.Allah Almighty ordered His Beloved Prophet Muhammad (sal) to inform his Ummah that anything that is not begun with His Holy Name : "Bismillahir-Rahman-ir-Rahim", will never be supported by Allah; it means it will never give fruit, and it must fail.

If you say Allah's Holy Name, you will take benefit from that action, and any harm that may be in it will leave you. Whoever is feeling weak should say it, and power will come to his physical body and to his heart. The Basmalla is the most important key for opening all treasures in the Heavens and on earth, and for opening all forms of knowledge. Allah Almighty has put three thousand of His Holy Names in it: 1000 Names that are known only to the Angels, 1000 Names known by the Prophets, 999 Names contained in the 4 Holy Books, and His Greatest Name.

All of these Names are contained in the Basmalla. Whoever is able to reach to the secret power of the Basmalla should be dressed in miraculous powers. We, as servants of Allah, should say it at least 100 times daily. If a person continues for 40 days, he should find some power, some changes in himself, especially if he says it one thousand times between Fajr and sunrise. From unseen worlds, from Malakut beautiful views will appear to him. According to the thickness of the veils of his heart, from 1x 40 days, up to 7x 40 days, there should be an opening. If not, it means that his heart is too occupied with Dunya, and he should try to put Dunya last, and then try again.

It is a rule which can't be wrong. Even in one day it may be opened, because it is so powerful. Every time you say: "Bismillahir-Rahman-ir-Rahim", it means that you are remembering the Lord: "Oh My Lord, I am remembering You!" And then Allah says: "Oh My servant, I am remembering you!" Don't forget! If you forget, you will be forgotten."

Source:- Sohbet/Spiritual Talk by As-Sayyid Shaykh Muhammad Nazim al-Qubrusi ar-Rabbani al-Haqqani al-Hassani al-Husseini

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