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Saturday, April 19, 2008

Al-Fatiha at birth

According to al-Qadi al-Numan in his "Pillars of Islam" as translated by Asaf Fyzee, Hazrat Ali reported the following hadith:

"The Messenger of God said, 'When a child is born to a man, let him recite the call to prayer in the child's right ear,and the iqama in the left ear. This will be protection for him (or her) against Satan. The Messenger of God ordered me to act this way with al-Hasan and al-Husayn, and to recite additionally the Fatiha (sura 1), the Throne Verse (2:225), the last part of surat al-Hashr, (Exile, sura 59), Ikhlas (Unity, sura 112), and the last two chapters on Seeking Refuge (suras 113 and 114)."

~Excerpted from "The Pillars of Islam" Da'a'im al-Islam of al-Qadi al-Numan, translated by Asaf A.A. Fyzee (2002, p.185-186). Revised and annotated by Dr. Ismail Poonawala

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