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Sunday, November 25, 2007

Alchemical Hermeneutics of al-Fatiha

In looking at different approaches to a depth interpretation of our sacred verses, one psychological method seems very appropriate to such an undertaking, with soul in mind. It is one which evokes the image of 9/11 which itself informs one of the motivations of this inquiry towards a Psychology of Islam. Until there is some understanding and appreciation for the Muslim psyche by a power-driven Other, the planet will still continue to be at risk of mutual self-annihilation:

"Alchemical hermeneutics ( as a path of re-turning in a healing act of loving re-membrance) is practiced by one whose consciousness has become attuned to a mythopoetic way of knowing the world and being in it, a way of knowing and being that is attuned to the guise of the wholly, holy other in its dis-guises, since Hermes, we should not forget, is a trickster, a master of dis-guises. He is also a thief and a liar, and this means that the researcher must always take into account the shadows that darken the light of interpretation, the complexes that linger in the transference field between the researcher and the topic. Alchemical hermeneutics is a way of remaining present to the fact that the wholly and holy other is present in the complexes that haunt our concepts, as well as in the myths that haunt our meanings, in the dreams that haunt our reasons, in the symptoms that haunt our symbols, in the fantasies that haunt our facts, in the fictions that haunt our ideas, and in the images, like those of 9/11, that dwell in events."

~ excerpted from "The Wounded Researcher - Research with Soul in Mind" by Robert D. Romanyshyn, p. 226

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