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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Hafiz "wants in" on this conversation!

The more I contemplate al-Fatiha, the more I am convinced that humanity is being invited on the Royal Road to the Direct Experience of Allah, not the codified laws of do's and don'ts, rectitude and certitude. We are being invited to the mysterious path of Direct Experience, not one that is limited by time and space, longitude and latitude. This is how Hafiz sees the process of alchemy!

Something I have learned

Gets poured through a cloth
To become free of impurities.

The Beloved's Name
Is a mystical weave and pattern -

A hidden sieve of effulgence
We need to pass through thousands of

From my constant remembrance
Of the Friend,

All I now say is safe to

Something I have learned
From the Kind Radiant One

Who drew me from the unfathomable
Sky's well

Makes me playful all day

~ From "The Subject Tonight is Love." - Translated by Daniel Ladinsky

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